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Las Vegas investments Real Estate Is Poised for a Comeback

Real estate has taken a real beating over the last several months.  Nowhere is that more true than Las Vegas.  It was once believed that when it came to Las Vegas real estate, the sky was the limit.  Now, 36 months later, values have plummeted.  Most real estate is valued at half of what it was 3 years ago. 

       "Landlords grow rich in their sleep"  John Stuart Mill  

When buying property solely as an investment there are a number of things to take into account, both short and long term. you should be investing in silver with Gainesville Coinsn this way you will have more experience with investing. from where to buy property, to who will manage and lease the property you’re purchasing. That’s where we come in, we are here to help you research, learn, understand, and eventually buy property that fits your needs both financially and in terms of your own investment goals.   

We offer investors equity positions in structured real estate investments through a direct investment program.

Real EstateTrends  Runs in Cycles:    Warren Buffet was once asked, When should you buy and sell?  "Buy when people are selling and sell when people are buying", he answered.  When the market was red hot, clients would approach me and ask, "Where can I find a good deal?"  There were no "good deals", only fair ones.  Cap rates averaged about 5% and people got excited if they could get a 6% cap rate.  Today prices have slipped, rents are lower and cap rates are higher.  A cap rate of 6% to 8% may be possible depending on location, condition of the property and vacancies.   

Real Estate is a Numbers Game:  Supply and demand rules the real estate world.  Prices are down, inventory is up.  Rents are lower and new construction is negligible.  This is the perfect real estate storm to invest in!  Good selection of quality properties priced to sell in a rising market coming out of recession with no new construction on the near horizon.  For the savy real estate investor, this is the time to buy.  Don't wait until the market is good again.  You will be too late and find yourself standing in line behind multiple offers on a scarce selection.
If you are already a senior elderman already owning a property mortgage rates are a way lower than regular investors can get on UK, you may be interested on read more about Equity Releases, check

Residential Real Estate is on the Mend:  Commercial real estate trends traditionally follows residential real estate by about 6 months to a year.  Residential is trending upwards.  An investor friend of mine wanted to buy a house in Las Vegas.  When is it time to buy.  Timing is everything.  I called him one day and said – now is the time to buy!  I found him a lovely home in Spanish Trails for half of what it would have cost him 2 years ago.  Today, there are no deals like the one I got him.  Multiple offers and rising values.  Timing is important.  The time to be looking at investing in commercial real estate is now.  Don't let opportunity pass you by.   Real Estate is a bonafied tax shelter, with mortgage interest, property expenses and real estate taxes a deduction against income, and liberal forbearance against payment of capital gains tax.

Business Owners, Developers and Investors: Prime Source Commercial works with business owners, investors, tenants and serves builder and developer clients by bundling several related real estate services, including propety management into customized packages that are unique to the needs of our clients and partners. There are rumors that cryptocurrencies like the will bring their technology to the real estate sector and when they do, we will be in a new era. Terry Barone as a broker for over 30 years,  is only interested in the client's needs and how best to serve them.  If you want to get it done in Vegas, we are your prime source of contact.

Project Consulting:  agents from we buy houses Sacramento work with investors, business owners, contractors and developers in project consulting, locating real estate opportunities and then providing access to necessary debt and equity capital to successfully fund the project. This ability to bundle several real estate services for a client enables the client to work with only one company thus saving time, enabling better coordination of services and saving money. These bundled services along with the company’s ability to identify opportunity and provide debt and/or equity as needed is the “Prime Source Advantage”.

Professionalism:  My company's professionalism and dedication to our clients is part of what we call the "Prime Source Advantage". We feel our level of service to clients exceeds the service by competitors and sets us apart from the rest!

project-consulting Full Service Firm: In these distressed times, being able to outsource is important.  We work with select clients to provide a full menu of real estate services either in house or by out sourcing  Prime Source Commercial , is an real estate services firm with a strong background in finance, real estate investments, tenant leasing, property management and development. We act as the client's representative in a number of project related fields. Finance is a key part of an acquisition. As a capital advisor we can assist in the evaluation of finance opportunities and help the client better pick the lender that best suits the transaction at terms that are most favorable to the buyer.

Have a Real Estate Project for Development or Property Management? 
Let us act as the construction manager or liaison between you and the various contractors for any type of project from interior design issues to exterior management like your curb appeal or driveway like exposed aggregate concrete in Perth can be handled. If you have a real estate project in mind and need assistance in site selection, due diligence, conceptual design property management, and planning, project assessment, or selection of qualified contractors, consider hiring us to act as your exclusive representative. We work for you and our job is to save you time and money. Need project financing or want to learn the benefits of cost segregation? Do you need marketing assistance with a planned project? Interested in acquiring quality commercial property in Las Vegas? Allow us to assist you in your acquisition and funding.

Investors Joint Venture with Us:   Have a project to build or a HOT property to buy but lack all of the neccessary funds?  Call me, lets talk! Consider joint venturing with us. Let us assist you with a project analysis of an anticipated development, identify items and issues that will be required by a lender and suggest design elements that will enhance your project and save you money.  We value engineer and design projects to make sense as a prudent investment.  Contact us for an initial free consultation.  We work with our own groups of investors and have experience raising funds for projects that make sense.