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Construction Has Started Up Again! Las Vegas is on the move!



 Commercial Real Estate in a Recovering Economy 

Prime Source Commercial has all of the pieces to the puzzle! 


BUY HOMES AS AN INVESTMENT:  Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to take advantage of low prices and quality real estate, buying homes gives you the best return on your money!

internet marketing e1263188335122 HomeMy savey investors are looking for good value and well placed homes to acquire  My first time home buyers and back to market buyers are finding the low interest rates and programs such as FHA and Home Path are great programs to get you into a home.  About half of the homes being sold are for cash.  Short Sales, Foreclosures, Auctions and HUD homes for sale – A buyer needs an agent to represent them that is on top of all of the new buyer programs and only represents buyers.  "ME"   I am a buyer's agent and a tenant's representative for Commercial & Residential.  Not only do I only work for you, my services are "Free" to you.  I am paid by the owner.

  Las Vegas is on the road to recovery!

Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit cities by the “Great Recession”: As we enter mid season into 2011, Las Vegas is slowly digging itself out of the downturn.  In 2010 the residential segment of real estate actually saw one of the most active in terms of sales for the last five years!  Even with a robust year in sales, the amount of foreclosures is still too high and a full recovery is still at least a year away.

There is optimism in 2012:  Real estate was at a near standstill in 2010 but started on the road to recovery in 2011.  Prices fell, rents fell, vacancies climbed and financing was almost impossible to find.   While it may still be too early to tell when the the Las Vegas real estate market will fully rebound, there are encourgaging signs.  Room vacancies are down and room rates up on the Strip.  New business are opening their doors and business is doing well.  One thing is for sure.  If you are a buyer or a tenant, this is a good market for you.  More supply, and anxious sellers and landlords mean better deals! It is a great time to be a buyer or tenant.

    Now is the Time to Buy Distressed Las Vegas Real Estate.  The residential market in Las Vegas is improving, we still have a way to go before prices begin to rise.  In fact, it is the perfect storm for savey investors and home buyers, cheap prices and low interest rates.   Prices are still low but consumer confidence is back and well priced, well placed homes are receiving multiple offers as inventory dwindles.  Low prices coupled with low interest rates and good properties on the market for sale creates the “Perfect Storm“ for investors and home buyers alike!

   The commercial real estate market is on the road to a slow recovery. Prices have bottomed out.  There are some good deals out there but you must use good due diligence before you buy.  We work with our investors to not only investigate the market today  but work to understand what the market is going to be in the near future and invest accordingly.  Rents are lower than 2 years ago but as activity picks up, so will rents.

REO’s, Short Sales, Bank Owned Properties, Motivated Sellers:   We are REO Specialists. We are acquainted with Special Servicers, REO departments at leading banks,  landlords looking to fill empty space and
motivated commercial sellers. Prime Source Commercial Services, is a real estate  brokerage and investment firm with a strong background in finance. When working  with our clients and partners to acquire new properties to be developed, we work with outside engineers. architects and contractors to value engineer projects to  make sense   Homefinancially while meeting our practical needs, ecstatically.  Allow us to assist you in your acquisition and funding.  Want to diversify your portfolio and maximize your return by deferring taxes in a 1031 exchange? We can help.

Interested in leasing or acquiring quality commercial property?  If you are considering investing, looking to expand your business, acquiring property to expand your portfolio or want to develop an opportunity in the Vegas Valley, now is the time!  Las Vegas has been voted the number one large city to do business in by Inc. Magazine.  Bookmark us as your prime source of information about what is going on in real estate around Vegas today. 

  Tenant Leasing: Location and value are still the most important elements for consideration by commercial tenants.  If you are a business owner looking for space, Call me.  A big part of my business is tenant leasing! 

  Prime Areas Of Specialty: Prime Source Commercial works with commercial lease tenants and investors, in addition to serving developer clients by bundling several related real estate services into customized packages that are unique to the needs of our clients and partners.  Prime Source Commercial works with investors, companies expanding to Las Vegas, contractors and developers in locating real estate opportunities and then assists in providing access to necessary debt and equity capital to successfully fund the project if needed.  The company’s ability to identify opportunity, assist in the due diligence and provide debt and/or equity as needed is the “Prime Source Advantage”. 

  Have a property to develop?:  Consider joint venturing with us.  Let me assist you with the debt or equity financing, with a project analysis of an anticipated development, identify items and issues that will be required by a lender and suggest design elements that will enhance your project and save you money.   Do you have a real estate project in mind or expanding your businesses and need assistance in site selection, conceptual design and planning, project assessment, or the selection of a qualified contractor?  Need project financing or want to learn the benefits of cost segregation?     Contact me for an initial free consultation.

  Entertainment, Dining and Hospitality: Prime Source Commercial offers brokerage and consulting services for Southern Nevada in the areas of site selection for hotels, restaurants, taverns and casino brokerage opportunities, opinion of value,  project consulting, acquisition and disposition strategies.  Considering opening a new or acquiring an existing casino, restaurant, tavern or hotel in Las Vegas or Southern Nevada?  As consultants we can assist your company with property searches, financing, theme development, site selection, due diligence, and planning an acquisition strategy. We specialize in brokerage and consulting to prospective purchasers and sellers of sites for  hospitality properties.  Our emphasis is on individual, personalized consultations. 

  One-Stop-Reality-Shop: Why Prime Source Real Estate Services should be your only real estate company.  We have external experts in the fields of  Commercial, Construction, Financing and Residential.   We give each client one hundred percent of our team’s effort!  You have the core team and outside team members that have an alliance with us all working for you.  Together, no matter what your real estate or finance needs are, residential or commercial, we have it covered!  We want to be your prime source of information and service, in the Vegas Valley.  Make Prime Source part of your team.  Call  Terry at (702) 682-5202 today.

  Growth and Development:  The dynamics of the real estate market in Las Vegas is astounding!  Real estate prices are down!  Smart investors are looking for quality investments.  Don’t expect  today's prices to remain low.  The economy is recovering and while real estate prices are  very reasonable compared to most other areas, prices will go up.   Now is the time to get yours! 

  Retirement: Las Vegas is the one of the preferred retirement choices for a variety of reasons.  Warm winter sun, dry climate, reasonable real estate prices, no state income tax, low utility rates, golf courses, parks and planned community senior activities.  Since almost everyone who now lives in Las Vegas has moved here from another part of the country, seniors find it very easy to make new friends. 

  I want to be your real estate broker!  

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updated 01/26/20